Whale Paper Garland – Fair Trade Handcrafted in Nepal

I love whales. These majestic animals are intelligent, care about their community, and are at risk. We used to hunt them to extinction simply to light our homes and carve some figurines. We’re getting better about that now, although there is still clearly a long way to go. There’s only 100 Western Pacific gray whales left in the world. It can take a whale ten years or more before it becomes able to have children of its own. This long life cycle, coupled with all the risks whales still face in our modern world, means we have to treasure the whales we have left to us.

This paper garland celebrating whales is six feet long and features about sixteen whales along its length. The whales are of a variety of colors and vary from strand to strand, just like real whales vary. The paper itself is handmade! It comes from the Daphne Bush, which is a local Nepal plant.

This fair trade product is made by Women’s Cooperatives in Nepal. The production allows these women to take care of their families and lead a better life.

Add some whales to your home or office – and celebrate the beauty of our natural world!

Whale Paper Garland from Amazon

Image of product used in fair use to promote that product.

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