Organic Serenity Tea – Fair Trade Herbal Tea

We often think of coffee as a typical fair trade item – but for some reason we don’t tend to think of tea as fair trade. That’s a shame, because harvesting tea is just as farmer-intensive as harvesting coffee is. There is the same reason to support the workers who invest their lives into bringing us the very best tea we can drink.

I had to swear off of coffee a long time ago because of the caffeine. My hands are naturally shaky and even decaffeinated coffee’s mild amounts of caffeine can cause me issues. For those same reasons, I can’t drink caffeinated tea. But I do adore herbal teas.

Serenity is a style of herbal tea from Friendship Organics. It includes in its ingredients:

passion flower

These are flavors I absolutely adore. Interestingly, I wouldn’t normally think of these as “serene” types of aromas – there are many other items which would more readily come to mind. However, I do find this quite serene and relaxing when I’m sipping it. It’s a nice alternative to the other kinds of relaxing teas that I have and enjoy.

This one container shown has two inner containers, each with 20 bags of tea. So the overall package provides 40 bags of tea. Each bag is tagless. I prefer the tagless types of tea. I tend to somehow drag the tags of bags into the teacup and then have to fish them out again, so it’s just as well for me that there isn’t a tag to cause trouble in the first place.

I like that the tea is organic, without pesticides or hormones used on it. I also of course really like that it is fair trade. It makes me happy to know that the workers who invested their time on this tea will be paid fairly for that time.

And the tea is tasty :).

Well recommended for tea drinkers.

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