Fair Trade Uganda Africa Wrap Bracelet

Beauty is all around us. And what is even better is when the beauty we bring into our lives – and into other lives – helps lift people out of poverty.

These paper bead mirembe wrap bracelets do just that.

The beads are made of recycled paper strips, created by artists in Uganda. They are then integrated with smaller seed beads and turned into a mirembe wrap bracelet. It definitely fits every arm, because it can be wound as tight or loose as needed. Gain some weight? No problem! This bracelet loves you just the same.

The overall length of the entire bracelet is about 7 1/2 inches. The bright colors go with most outfits, and it always brings a smile to the face.

Get several of them, and have them on hand for gifts and presents! There’s always an occasion where this is just right.

And your proceeds help families better their lives.

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Image of product used in fair use to promote that product.

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