Fair Trade Tree of Life Necklace

Fair Trade Tree of Life Glass Necklace

Fair trade is such an important concept in all the things we buy. It means with our money we support organizations and individuals who are ethical. We put our investments into things which make our world a better place.

These Tree of Life necklaces are made with recycled glass. Local artisans are able to support themselves by turning this glass – once destined for landfills – into beautiful, useful products.

The company selling these is Moneta Jewelry, which works with a number of small artisans to help them reach larger markets. The glass comes from Chile, from a family who hand-washes the discarded glass and turns them into objects of beauty.

The necklaces are currently available in green and blue.

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Fair Trade Uganda Africa Wrap Bracelet

Beauty is all around us. And what is even better is when the beauty we bring into our lives – and into other lives – helps lift people out of poverty.

These paper bead mirembe wrap bracelets do just that.

The beads are made of recycled paper strips, created by artists in Uganda. They are then integrated with smaller seed beads and turned into a mirembe wrap bracelet. It definitely fits every arm, because it can be wound as tight or loose as needed. Gain some weight? No problem! This bracelet loves you just the same.

The overall length of the entire bracelet is about 7 1/2 inches. The bright colors go with most outfits, and it always brings a smile to the face.

Get several of them, and have them on hand for gifts and presents! There’s always an occasion where this is just right.

And your proceeds help families better their lives.

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Blue Green Glass Bead Necklace – Fair Trade from Ghana

What you wear is a visible portrayal of the things you believe in. People see and think about those things even before they know your name or what your interests are. These blue green glass beads present a lovely first impression – and they also help women rise above their environment to make a better life for themselves.

The necklace is made from recycled glass beads which are about 10-12mm in diameter each. The hole within is about 2mm. They actually make these beads from recycled bottles! Think of it. Glass bottles which would normally be thrown into the dump, and fill our Earth with needless waste, are now becoming items of beauty. Not only that, but the process helps families.

You can leave the beads on the supplied string or you can restring them onto whatever chain or rope you would like to use. Heck, you could make a pair of bracelets out of this if you wished. Give one to a friend and keep one for yourself.

The swirling color is just lovely and soothing. Serene. Peaceful. Symbolizing growth and restoration.

The project is coordinated by members of the Krobo tribe in Ghana.

Blue Green Glass Bead Necklace on Amazon

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Purple Bracelet Trio – Fair Trade

Fair Trade is such an incredibly important concept. It means the artists are paid a fair wage for the work they do. Fair trade can help lift people out of poverty based on their efforts and creativity.

These beautiful lavender and violet bracelets are made by artisans in Uganda, Africa. They are stylish and soothing. Purple represents spirituality and compassion. Every time you wear them, you’re reminded of how we must care for one another. How we are all in this world together.

Seek to buy fair trade whenever you can. It’s our way of helping each other succeed in this world.

Purple Bracelet Trio on Amazon.com

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Tibetan Sandalwood Wrist Mala Bracelet for Meditation

I nearly always wear a sandalwood mala bracelet. Certainly I wear it when I meditate, but I wear it the rest of the time to remind myself to be mindful. To be compassionate. To treat others as I would want to be treated myself.

Sandalwood is a gently fragrant wood and the smell, also, triggers those kinds of restful emotions. Sandalwood is one of those fragrances which can last a long while. Just rub or handle the beads to draw the scent out of it again. Note that it’s not an overpowering scent, like you might get from burning incense. It’s fairly subtle – but it’s there when you bring your hands to your face.

Some people use a mala bracelet to recite prayers or meditations one after another. They count each recital with a bead. Other people use the bracelet as a whole as a reminder token.

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