Cutie the Lamb – Fair Trade Organic Stuffed Animal from Peru

When I was young, my favorite stuffed animal was “Lambie”. My Lambie was white with natural cotton fur and a little bow around its neck. I adored Lambie. I carried it around everywhere I went. I am sad to report that I loved it so much that eventually its little head separated from its body. But, of course, my mom repaired it. That is what love is about.

The connection a child makes with a stuffed animal is a daily practice in compassion. In empathy. In caring for something outside of oneself.

This Cutie the Lamb reminds me of my own Lambie. It’s made by hand with love. In this case, the creators are a fair trade organization based in Peru. The workers are paid living wages so they can afford to feed their families. Does this mean that Cutie costs a little more than sweat shop creations? Absolutely, and that’s the point! This is a model that we should ALL be following. Treat craftspeople with respect. Honor their efforts. Adore the things they make for us.

Cutie the Lamb has a pink body and rose-colored arms and legs. Cutie has a sewn-on neck ribbon and yellow ears. It’s a delightful companion for any child.

And I would go further than that. I think adults could use to have some cuteness and joy in their own lives. Is there something about being an adult that says we can no longer feel joy at seeing something cute? Maybe sit it on a shelf or in with plants or books? We all need something to remind us every once in a while that life is to be enjoyed. To be cherished.

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Crocheted Octopus Rattle Fair Trade from Bangladesh

There is just something about an octopus. They’re incredibly intelligent. Have you ever watched those videos where they figure out how to navigate a maze or how to get in and out of incredibly tiny places? They are escape artists. And they are compassionate. A family once rescued an octopus which had gotten stranded on a beach. It came back the next day to say thank you to them.

This delightful octopus has a rattle inside it and is perfect for a baby or young child. Heck, it’s perfect for us adults, too! It’s teal and sea green with delicate stripes. It’s hand made with crochet.

The artisans who make these octopuses live in Bangladesh and are paid a living wage. It is a fair trade community. It helps the community support itself.

Did you know that the plural of octopus is not octopi? That’s because the word octopus comes from Greek, not Latin. And it’s Latin that was fond of all those I endings.

Grab a few octopuses for your own home and family!

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