Hand-Carved Gourd Bird Feeder – Fair Trade from Peru

There is so much joy and delight drawn from watching our feathered friends. We know how critical our birds are to our ecosystems. Their beautiful song and vibrant feathers bring joy to each moment. By supporting our birds, we support all that is wonderful about this world in which we live.

Talented fair-trade artists in Peru hand craft these gourds into bird feeders. There are no power tools. No fancy equipment. Just the imagination of the artist and the natural gourd. Every gourd is different. Every work of art is different. And by supporting these artists with a living wage, we ensure this style of art will continue.

The gourd will be about 8″ wide by 10″ tall, but gourds of course vary. They could be a bit taller or shorter. A bit wider or rounder. They come with a hanging strap and a place for the seed. And they’re decorated with love.

I’m so happy with the style of artwork on these. The contented birds. The lush greenery. It creates a bird paradise.

Highly recommended, either to hold birdseed, or to simply hang in your home and add a beautiful bit of artistic decor.

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags from Nepal Fair Trade

I own multiple sets of Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags. They are all fair trade. One hangs above my desk where I can see it when I work. It reminds me of all I have to be grateful for. Every day is precious.

These Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags come in a rainbow of colors. The full string is 80 inches long. Each flag is 9.5″ by 8″. They are created by a fair-trade organization – the Ganesh Himal Trading Company. They are made in Nepal.

We could all use more compassion in our lives. Consider bringing some prayer flags into your world. They could be an inspiration not only to you but to everyone else who comes into your space.

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Tree of Life Art – Fair Trade from Haiti

The tree of life is a symbol found in many of the world’s cultures. It represents how our world is wholly interconnected – the leaves and the roots, the large and the small. This metal wall hanging depicting the tree of life is a fair trade creation from Haiti.

Amazingly, these trees are created from recycled steel drum oil barrels. It’s pretty phenomenal to think that something so simple can then create this beautiful work of art.

Haiti is one of the most impoverished places around, and the residents there often have few opportunities to better themselves. By supporting fair trade artists, you allow the residents of Haiti to support themselves and their family members.

I have several metal art items from Haiti in my own home. Every time I look at them I’m reminded to be grateful for all that I have, and that I live in a place which has afforded me opportunities not found in many other places.

The tree is 23 x 23 x 1 inches.

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Whale Paper Garland – Fair Trade Handcrafted in Nepal

I love whales. These majestic animals are intelligent, care about their community, and are at risk. We used to hunt them to extinction simply to light our homes and carve some figurines. We’re getting better about that now, although there is still clearly a long way to go. There’s only 100 Western Pacific gray whales left in the world. It can take a whale ten years or more before it becomes able to have children of its own. This long life cycle, coupled with all the risks whales still face in our modern world, means we have to treasure the whales we have left to us.

This paper garland celebrating whales is six feet long and features about sixteen whales along its length. The whales are of a variety of colors and vary from strand to strand, just like real whales vary. The paper itself is handmade! It comes from the Daphne Bush, which is a local Nepal plant.

This fair trade product is made by Women’s Cooperatives in Nepal. The production allows these women to take care of their families and lead a better life.

Add some whales to your home or office – and celebrate the beauty of our natural world!

Whale Paper Garland from Amazon

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